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Daring to Love Again

Daring to Love Again.png

After suffering a devastating heartbreak Emma is ready to start living her life again. She embarks on this new chapter of her life determined to finish mending her broken heart and hoping to find love again. Little does she know it would happen far quicker than she could have imagined.


From Emma's first encounter with her new colleague, Sophia, she is instantly drawn to the woman and a delightful connection is forged. However, she can't get an accurate read on Sophia and is unsure if her attraction to the woman is mutual.


Battling with her fear of rejection and the unfamiliar territory of taking chances, Emma is torn between making the first move to pursue the possibility of a romantic relationship and retreating into her comfort zone to play it safe and settle for mere friendship.


As their connection deepens and obstacles test their budding relationship, will Emma find the courage to pursue Sophia? Will Sophia reciprocate her feelings?

Available for free to read on Wattpad.

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